Tutorial 4: Staking

Staking is currently only possible from the Stegos CLI (command-line interface).

You can download the CLI from here.

When the CLI first opens, you’ll see a prompt. Type commands and press enter to perform actions. Type help to see the list of available commands.

To stake, switch to the account registered with the bounty and type stake [amount].

It’s important to note that the CLI is currently denominated in microSTG, as can be seen by typing show balance. So, for example, to stake 1000 STG, you need to type stake 1000000000 (nine zeroes).

Staking locks that portion of your balance. You can regain access to it by typing unstake [amount].

You need to stake at least 50,000 STG to be eligible to become a validator.

You can stake that reward immediately to increase your odds of being selected in future epochs.

Make sure you stay staking for as long as possible: only nodes that are online 100% of the time since the last award are eligible for the validator service award.