STG Token and Sale

What is Stegos’ Monetary Policy?

STG token emission will start at 14% during the first 4 years and halve every 4 years thereafter.

When will tokens be distributed to investors?

The tokens will be distributed after mainnet launch.

What is your ticker name?


What is Stegos’ Total Emission?

1,000,000,000 STG

How will the pre-mine be distributed?

The one billion pre-mined STG will be distributed as follows: Sale (51.25%); Development (16.75%); Team (10%); Marketing & Ecosystem (10%); Advisers (2%); Reserve (10%)

How many STG tokens are for sale?

51.25% (512,500,000 STG) of the total pre-mined tokens are available for sale during the various rounds.

What’s the process for creating a wallet and receiving tokens purchased at sale?

This is still under consideration. We will advise once we have the desktop wallet app ready.