Stegos App

What features will the Stegos App have?

In addition to an integrated STG wallet, the app will include many features, including private chat, mobile node setup, red packets (hongbao) and access to the privacy app store.

Will I be able to stake directly from the app?

The Stegos app is designed to be an accessible gateway to the world of crypto and privacy. You will find full and simple in-app instructions for setting up a node so you can start earning tokens from your pocket within minutes.

Will the Stegos app support private messaging?

Yes. Private communication will be integrated within the Stegos app. Messages will be sent as zero-value transactions via the Stegos blockchain and pruned from the chain once the messages are confirmed as read. Users can send a QR code via private chat to initiate an STG transaction. It will also be possible to create chat groups and invite people to chats via QR codes.

Where can I find other Stegos privacy apps?

In addition to the main Stegos app, the Stegos privacy ecosystem is designed to encourage the development of other apps which focus on privacy and use the Stegos platform as a base. To help users find these apps, Stegos will have an on-chain privacy app store.

How will the app store work? How will I know apps are safe and private?

Stegos privacy apps will be stored off-chain to keep Stegos compact. However, each privacy app must create an on-chain manifest which includes a description of the app, tags and keywords to aid searching, the URL used to download it and a hash of the app bundle.

The app bundles will be signed with the developers’ public key, which will allow users to leave on-chain app reviews to rank individual apps and developers.

What are red packets? How will they work?

Red packets (hongbao) are a way to send surprise gifts or payments to individuals and groups. Users will decide how many tokens they want to add to a red packet and how many random gifts they want to distribute. (This number can be set to 1 to make a one-off payment.)

Private red packets can be sent to an individual or group via private Stegos chat or public red packets can be created to distribute a tokens among anyone who has access to the QR code.

Users who try to open a public red packet via the QR code will randomly receive one (or none) of the prizes inside. Users can keep trying to open the red packet until it is empty or expires.

Red packets incorporate a necessary delay to prevent abuse. During this delay, it will be possible to display adverts or other promotional material.

Is the Stegos App finished?

The mobile app is still under development, but you can try the latest version of the desktop app by heading to

I restored my wallet but my transaction history is gone! What should I do?

This is normal. Stegos is private and confidential blockchain, therefore our blockchain doesn’t store information about who has made any particular paymnent. Therefore, when you delete your wallet history, or migrate wallet to a new device, it is possible to restore only (1) your accounts balance; (2) history of incoming transfers. All outgoing payment history will be lost.