Funding and Development

How is Stegos being funded?

Stegos will generate a pre-mine of 1 billion STG tokens. Up to 51.25% of the STG pre-mine may be privately sold to high net-worth individuals and companies to reach a maximum of $30 million. Stegos has already raised $15 million of this target in 2018. Once the mainnet is launched, STG tokens will be sold directly to the general public using the built-in DEX.

Has development started?

Development has been on-going for many months. The testnet launched has already launched, and mainnet is due to launch in Nov 2019.

When does the mainnet launch?

Mainnet will launch in November 2019.

What features will be available at mainnet launch?

Most features will be implemented at launch, although full mobile support will come later. The Stegos desktop app will be available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, but without full messaging support. It will be possible to send messages using the transaction interface, but the chat UI and group chat functionalities will be added later.

Is there a way to help with testing?

Yes! We are currently running a $200,000 joint bounty program and hackathon to test our network and spread the word about Stegos. To get started, go to