Building from Source

Quick Start

Please use ./ci-scripts/ to install all dependencies and compile stegos and stegosd executables:

git clone
cd stegos

Produced executables will be available in the ./target/release subdirectory.

Supported platforms:

Other platforms may work as well, but not tested. See platform-specific notes below.

Windows Notes

On Windows please install MinGW toolchain first by running ./win/install_deps.bat.

macOS Notes

On macOS please install “Xcode Command Line Tools” first by running xcode-select --install or manually from Xcode menu.

Android Notes

Please use Ubuntu/Debian as a host system to build Android binaries. Running Android SDK/NDK on Windows or macOS is not supported.

To create Android binaries, please invoke with the following arguments:

WITH_ANDROID=1 ./ci-scripts/ release android-aarch64
WITH_ANDROID=1 ./ci-scripts/ release android-x86_64

This script produces experimental native Android binaries (not an APK). Compiled binaries can be started via adb shell or via Termux Application. The full-featured GUI application (.apk) is not yet available.