Quick Start

Use stegos/stegosDocker image to start Node:

docker run -v $PWD/stegos-data:/data --name stegos_node -t -i stegos/stegos
Execute stegos command inside container to get into CLI:
docker exec -t -i stegos_node stegos
CLI will prompt for commands:
Stegos CLI 0.11.13 (e63fb9e 2019-08-09)
Type 'help' to get help

Type create account to create a new account:
account#1> create account
Enter new password:
Enter same password again:                                                                                                           
- type: account_created
  account_id: "1"

Type show keys to get your account address:

account#1> show keys
- type: keys_info

- account_id: "1"
  type: keys_info
  account_address: 7fZZ8ED8jmiKWHdtBJ23mBoVJKKvPbBucEJL2b9eYj5579ALzEU

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