Quick Start

Use stegos/stegosDocker image to start Node: docker run -v $PWD/stegos-data:/data --name stegos_node -t -i stegos/stegos Execute stegos command inside container to get into CLI: docker exec -t -i stegos_node stegos CLI will prompt for commands: Stegos CLI 0.11.13 (e63fb9e 2019-08-09) Type 'help' to get help stegos> Type create account to create a new account: account#1> create account Enter new password: Enter same password again: --- - type: account_created account_id: "1" . »

Installing a node

In this section we explain how to install Stegos Node (stegosd) and Stegos Command-Line Client (stegos) on your server. Prerequisites: Linux host (any distro) OR macOS host OR Docker-enabled host. This instruction is about running Stegos Node server using command-line interface. If you need a desktop application, please see "Installing a Desktop App". Installing on Linux For production purposes, we recommend official binaries from GitHub Release page. These binaries have been tested on 64-bit versions of Ubuntu 18. »

Running a Node

In this section we explain how to run Stegos Node. Prerequisites: Download and install Stegos Node. Run Stegos Node: ./stegosd ./stegosd docker run -v $PWD/stegos-data:/data -t -i stegos/stegos Stegos Node will automatically create a data directory to store the blockchain and your accounts: INFO [stegosd] Data directory: /home/yourname/.local/share/stegos The default path to the data directory depends on your operating system: $HOME/.local/share/stegos $HOME/Library/Application Support/stegos C:\Users\$USER\AppData\Roaming /data/. »

Connecting to a Node

In this section we explain how to connect to a Stegos Node. Prerequisites: Node is up and running Connecting to a Local Node ./stegos ./stegos docker exec -t -i <CONTAINER_NAME> stegos The command-line client will try to connect to a local node and print stegos prompt on success: 1Stegos CLI 1.0.0 (e63fb9e 2019-08-09) 2Type 'help' to get help 3 4account#1> Type help to get help: »

Last Steps

Congratulations! If you have made it this far, you belong to a tiny group of people on this planet who knows how to run a blockchain node. Please join us on Telegram Chat to get test tokens and let us know your thoughts. Subscribe to official Telegram Channel for the latest news. »

Working with Accounts

Creating an Account Type create account to create a new account. You will be asked for a password. This password is used locally to encrypt your data on the disk. Please remember it. Type show recovery to get 24-word recovery phrase. This recovery phrase is an encoded representation of your secret key. Please write down it and keep it in a safe place. There are no other password recovery mechanisms. »