Vyper Rewards

Huge thanks to everyone who entered the Stegos $100,000 Vyper bounty. We had over 30,000 registered entries and tens of thousands of pieces of great content to help spread the word about Stegos and the importance of privacy and the dangers of government surveillance.

But let’s get to the exciting part: the prizes!

This page will explain the current status of the Vyper bounty and answer the most common questions about what happens next, when and how prizes will be distributed, and what to do if you think your points are incorrect. If you want information about the $100,000 hackathon which was running simultaneously, please head here.

When will the winners be announced and prizes distributed?

The provisional leaderboard can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t_4JZJfz4dcLDlN4qAu2Za2xlbKYxnd9yoCWWYK6vac

We’ve already answered a lot of individual queries, but to make sure everything is completely fair we’re going to take a week to address any final concerns about incorrect or missing points, and the leaderboard will be finalized on Wednesday December 18th.

Prizes will be distributed on December 23rd, at the same time has the hackathon.

Why has there been such a long delay?

I’d like to apologize that the results are taking so long to process. In my original design for the bounty and hackathon, the points for the social media tasks were going to be handled automatically by Jerry our bounty bot and combined into single score. Unfortunately, I discovered too late that Vyper has extremely limited data export options, so we’ve had to do everything separately and manually with the help of an external moderation company.

All future contests will be run internally, because we can definitely build something better and more private than the commerically available options!

What’s the current leaderboard status?

Now that the external moderators have finally finished, we believe that the prize tiers are correct for the top 1000 participants. Please note that this is not the same as the points or the rankings being 100% correct, espeically once we get past rank 50: it just means that everyone should be getting the prize they deserve.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

Firstly, for some tasks it was simpler to not award points at all, usually because everyone completed them successfully and so manually adjusting the points would have been impossible.

Secondly, the moderators did NOT moderate every piece of content submitted: the goal was to finalize the top 1000 places, and once we reached the lower half of the leaderboard we found a lot of bad and plagiarized content, broken links and generally diminishing returns on a process that has already taken far longer than we expected.

The scores have changed a lot in the past few days. Is that right?

Unfortunately, for a long time there was a bug that we weren’t aware of: people who had cheated the referral system and been disqualified were still showing up on the public leaderboard. Vyper has fixed this bug, and now the scores are accurate.

Why is my score so low?

The short answer is that it’s probably correct.

The highest content awards, which were much higher than the low- and mid-range points, were reserved for EXTREMELY high quality content. The goal was always to only award a handful of these prizes, so that’s why there aren’t many people with tens of thousands of content points.

How can you be sure the prizes are being assigned correctly?

We’re 99% sure that everyone is on track for the correct prize, but there is still a small possibility that someone who deserves a prize hasn’t been given the correct score. This could happen if you’re at the margin of some of the prize thresholds or if you created a particularly good piece of content, but DIDN’T complete all of the tasks (and so didn’t make the moderation cut-off).

If you believe this applies to you, please contact Brill or Shearry in the Telegram chat and they will look into it.

Who should get in touch with the Stegos admins?

People who are missing a LOT of points (more than 10,000) or people who are missing a small number of points but this would definitely affect their prize level.

Please get in touch if you believe you created a piece of content that deserves the highest points in its category and you haven’t received any points for it.

Please also get in touch if you’re very close to one of the tier thresholds and are missing points that would take you up to the next prize category.

Who should NOT get in touch with the Stegos admins?

Basically everyone else. We’re a very small team and we’ve already spent a lot of time moderating the bounty. The vast majority of the points totals are correct, and those that aren’t should not affect the outcome of the contest. If you’re missing a few hundred points and it’s going to take you from position 990 to 930, it’s irrelevant as far as the prizes are concerned. I’m sorry we can’t create a 100% accurate leaderboard, but we weren’t expecting to get so many entries or for Vyper to have so few moderation tools. We don’t have the resources to manually moderate the more than 100,000 individual pieces of content submitted to the bounty.

A warning to cheaters and plagiarists

The majority of people entered the bounty in good faith, but some people used fake referals and copied content (both from other participants and from elsewhere on the internet). The external moderators have awarded 0 points for these tasks, but the participants have not been disqualified if the rest of their tasks were done well. HOWEVER, my policy for this final stage of moderation will be more strict: If you contact the admins to try and claim extra points and we find that you have copied your content, you will be disqualified entirely. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

What happens now?

We’re leaving the moderation open for another week for people to raise any issues. We’ll close the moderation and finalize the leaderboard on December 18th. Then we’ll randomly select the 40 winners from places 100-1000 and notify the 140 winners.

What do I need to do?

If you’re 100% sure that there’s a RELEVANT point discrepancy, then please raise it to one of the admins in the Telegram chat.

If you haven’t done so already, download the latest version of the Stegos wallet and restore your wallet from the bounty (or create a new one if you didn’t create a wallet before or were unable to back up and restore your wallet.)