Tutorial 2: Register Your Key

You can find your public key in the Stegos wallet. Click the account you want the public key for, and then click “Receive Account Address”

Now click “Next” and click “Copy to Clipboard”

Register your public key with Jerry the bounty bot by sending him the following message (inserting your public key where it says ): /register <publickey>


Do I have to register my public key with the bounty bot?

No, but this is the only way to earn points in the Telegram hackathon. We cannot track the tokens that are in your wallet, because Stegos is a fully private blockcahin.

I’ve lost my public key! What can I do?

If you’ve backed up your wallet, you can restore it by using the “Restore” option. Your public key will then be visible again. If you didn’t back up your wallet, there’s no way to recover access. Your tokens are permanently lost. (Luckily this is still the test net.) Contact support to ask about linking your bounty progress to a new address, but be aware this may not be possible.