Hackathon Rewards

This page will explain how to claim your rewards from the hackathon portion of the $200,000 Stegos hackathon and bounty. If you’ve won a prize in the Vyper bounty portion of the contest, please head here for more information.

Claiming Your Prize

$100,000 worth of STG will be distributed to winners of the hackathon, based on their final scores on the Telegram leaderboard.

The rewards for the Stegos hackathon will be sent out on 23rd December 2019.

In the meantime, we’ll be sending out a confirmation transaction to every address registered in the hackathon. This will be a 1 STG transaction with a comment telling you your total award. (Since you’re already reading this, hopefully you followed the link from that comment!)

Once you’ve received your transaction, please claim your reward by sending a message to Jerry, our Telegram bot. Simply send him the command /claim <your mainnet address> and Jerry will automatically register your claim. On 23rd December, we will automatically send rewards out to everyone who has claimed in this way.

For privacy reasons, we recommend you then make a new Stegos account and send yourself the award, to break the link between your Telegram ID and your STG.

Participants who were unable to backup and restore their wallet from the hackathon should contact us on Telegram as soon as possible.


How many STG were awarded?

There was a prize pool of $100,000 in STG. At a price of $0.10 per STG (the most recent STG sale price), that’s a massive 1 million STG awarded to participants!

I restored my wallet from the hackathon but the address has changed!

That’s perfectly normal. Stegos addresses have a different prefix and final characters depending on the chain being used. The hackathon was held on the testnet, where all addresses begin “stt”. On the mainnet your address will being “stg” and have a slightly different ending.

Why is my reward lower than my testnet balance?

As explained in the rules, final testSTG balances have been converted to STG based on the total number of testSTG awarded during the hackathon.

What is the conversion rate between testSTG and STG?

Our bounty bot Jerry ended up awarding just over 27 million testSTG, so the conversion rate is approximately 27:1.