Bounty and Hackathon

We recently held a joint bounty and hackathon with a combined prize pool of $200,000 in STG. The contest is now closed and prizes will be announced and distributed shortly. »

Hackathon Rewards

This page will explain how to claim your rewards from the hackathon portion of the $200,000 Stegos hackathon and bounty. If you've won a prize in the Vyper bounty portion of the contest, please head here for more information. Claiming Your Prize $100,000 worth of STG will be distributed to winners of the hackathon, based on their final scores on the Telegram leaderboard. The rewards for the Stegos hackathon will be sent out on 23rd December 2019. »

Vyper Rewards

Huge thanks to everyone who entered the Stegos $100,000 Vyper bounty. We had over 30,000 registered entries and tens of thousands of pieces of great content to help spread the word about Stegos and the importance of privacy and the dangers of government surveillance. But let's get to the exciting part: the prizes! This page will explain the current status of the Vyper bounty and answer the most common questions about what happens next, when and how prizes will be distributed, and what to do if you think your points are incorrect. »

Wallet Restore Problems

We're getting reports that some users have been unable to properly restore their testnet wallet and register their hackathon claim with Jerry the bounty bot. If you tried to use Option 3 to restore your testnet wallet and Jerry won't recognise your mainnet address, please try the following steps. Your mainnet address should be very similar to your testnet address, but with a different prefix and final 6 characters. Install the Stegos GUI wallet from https://github. »