Welcome to the Stegos info center!

We live in an era of unprecedented state surveillance and crackdowns on freedom.

It’s nobody’s business what you do with your money, whether paper or digital, and it’s nobody’s business who you transact or communicate with.

Stegos helps you embrace your freedoms by providing the first cryptocurrency with fully private transactions and integrated private messaging. This is all thanks to Snowball, our unique privacy protocol. Pruning and sharding keep the blockchain fast and small.

Stegos uses gamified proof-of-stake (gPoS) to ensure that everyone who helps maintain the network has a fair chance of earning Stegos tokens, not just whales.

Whether you’re a privacy novice or a seasoned developer, use the menu on the left to learn more about Stegos, staking, our blockchain and our desktop and command line wallets, which you can download here and here.